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30 Days of Pokémon - Day 2: Least Favorite Pokémon

—> { Tentacool - The Jellyfish Pokémon }

Drifts in shallow seas. Anglers who hook them by accident are often punished by its stinging acid.

The Zubat of the sea, huh? Not really a surprising decision, but for me it was a hard choice to make. While there are many Pokémon I like, there are barely any I’d dislike.
Zubat can be quite annoying, yes, but its last Evolution is damn cool. Tentacool on the other hand is annoying, and Tentacruel wasn’t really one of the best Pokémon either. Maybe also because I’ve got a lot of other Water Types I adore, this one never caught my interest.
I really thought about choosing something more unique, but in the end this shameful award had to go to Tentacool. I’m sorry, buddy.
Also, please never go through the Tentacool Pixiv tag without blocking the R-18 images…

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